Host a Virtual Paralympic ParT

Host a Virtual Paralympic ParT

We know it’s not the time to be gathering together in large groups, but there are ways you can keep your social distance, and still raise much-needed funds for the Australian Paralympic Team.

Whether it’s a virtual morning or afternoon tea with your colleagues, or a virtual catch-up with friends and family, every dollar you raise will help.

Register to fundraise online today and receive access to lots of ideas and resources.

Below is a list of fun activities you could participate in at your ParT – and the best part, they can all be done online:


Get into the spirit!

Get into the Paralympic spirit and ask colleagues to come to your Virtual ParT dressed in the colours of a country that competes in the Paralympic Games.

You could even bring a food or drink item representing your country of choice; an American hot dog, an English Breakfast Tea, a Tim Tam, slice of pavlova or lamingtons!

Register your virtual ParT today!


Play Lizzy Lotto

  • Register to fundraise online and download the Lizzy Lotto sheet for your virtual ParT.
  • Choose to play the $5 or the $10 game.
  • Print the sheets and write a number – one, two, three, etc – in both squares
  • Write the name of the ticket purchaser on the ticket you keep.
  • Once you have sold all 18 tickets – print more sheets if you need them – throw all the tickets in a bowl, cap or whatever you have lying around, and draw a winner!
  • Keep 60 per cent of money raised to donate to Paralympics Australia, with 40 per cent going to your winner.

Paralympic Trivia

Register to fundraise online and download our trivia questions.  You can play as an individual or in teams to see who can answer the most questions correctly.

A great Friday afternoon activity to end the week