Office Mini-Paralympics

Host an Office Mini Paralympics…online! 

Get into the Paralympic spirit by hosting your own Office Mini Paralympics! We know it’s not the time to be gathering together in large groups, but there are ways you can keep your social distance, and still raise much-needed funds for the Australian Paralympic Team.

How it works

  • Register to begin fundraising online and receive access to a range of ideas and resources
  • Split staff into teams and allocate each team a Paralympic country to represent.
  • For those working remotely, check out Paralympic ParT for a range of great ideas, or Coffee for a Champ – you could even get creative and come up with your own!
  • If you want to get outside and ‘find your 30’, why not create an office daily or weekly step goal.
  • Whichever activities you choose, they should be played once by each team, with the gold, silver and bronze medallist determined by which country places first, second and third. The overall winner is the team that earns the most medals.