Train like a Para-athlete

Challenge yourself to train like a Para-athlete

Australian Para-athletes are elite sportspeople who train no differently to any other elite athletes. Sessions are tough and gruelling, and when you add physical, vision and intellectual impairments to the mix – incredibly challenging.

Why not create a challenge that gives members, clients or yourself an understanding of the challenges faced by Para-athletes, and how hard they train?

For example:

  • Para-cyclist Darren Hicks, who is a leg amputee, can complete five minutes on a stationary bike at 350 watts, and 30 minutes at 44km/hr. Can you match or beat this?
  • In Para-powerlifting, athletes can bench-press three times their bodyweight. Can you do this?
  • Who can do the most one-handed push-ups? Or single leg push-ups?

Set a challenge and encourage members or clients to raise funds by donating to participate or asking their families and friends for support.

Create your own fundraising page and share it far and wide.