Host a Virtual Paralympic ParT

Host a Virtual Paralympic ParT

We know it’s not the time to be gathering together in large groups, but there are ways you can keep your social distance, and still raise much-needed funds for the Australian Paralympic Team.

Whether it’s a virtual morning or afternoon tea with your colleagues, or a virtual catch-up with friends and family, every dollar you raise will help.

Create your own fundraising page in support of Paralympics Australia and download some great tips and resources.

Below is a list of fun activities you could participate in at your ParT – and the best part, they can all be done online:


Get into the spirit!

Get into the Paralympic spirit and ask colleagues to come to your Virtual ParT dressed in the colours of a country that competes in the Paralympic Games.

You could even bring a food or drink item representing your country of choice; an American hot dog, an English Breakfast Tea, a Tim Tam, slice of pavlova or lamingtons!

Register your virtual ParT and start fundraising online today!


Play Lizzy Lotto

  • Set-up your fundraising page and download the Lizzy Lotto sheet.
  • Choose to play the $5 game or the $10 game.
  • Print the sheets and write a number – one, two, three, etc – in both squares i.e. on the ticket that goes to the purchaser AND the ticket you keep for the draw.
  • Write the name of the ticket purchaser on the ticket you keep.
  • Once you have sold all 18 tickets – print more sheets if you need them – throw all the tickets in a bowl, cap or whatever you have lying around, and draw a winner!
  • Keep 60 per cent of money raised to donate to Paralympics Australia, with 40 per cent going to your winner.



Paralympic Trivia

  • Set-up your fundraising page and download our trivia questions.
  • Play as individuals or teams and see who can answer the most questions correctly.

A great Friday afternoon activity to end the week!