I CAN Challenge

I CAN Virtual Challenge

The things you can’t do don’t define what you CAN.

Too often we define ourselves and others based on what we can’t do, rather than what we CAN. Everyone has a talent or something they are good at, but not everyone is good at everything – even our Paralympians:

  • Chad Perris is legally blind, BUT he can run 100m in 10.76 seconds. He’s Australia’s fastest ever Paralympian.
  • Melissa Tapper has limited use of her left arm, BUT she’s played table tennis at both the Paralympics and Olympics.

Participate in the I CAN Virtual Challenge by creating your own fundraising page, then download the tips and a Challenge Pledge sheet (available after you register on you fundraising page).

You can complete the Challenge online and have your group discuss their answers in a video call, or submit via email for feedback.

The Challenge


What CAN we do?

  • Identify and celebrate what your members CAN do.
  • Ask your members to draw themselves or take a photo of them ‘doing’ what they CAN.

What can’t we do?

  • Identify what your members can’t do and discuss why. Is it because they aren’t old enough, tall enough, experienced enough? Is it something they have tried? Or have they simply told themselves they can’t?


  • Ask your members to choose one physical activity they can’t do but would like to (e.g. kick a ball 10m), and to set a time frame to achieve it.
  • Encourage your members to ask their families and friends to support them by pledging $5 if they achieve their goal.