Host a Trivia Night

Host a Virtual Trivia Night

Trivia nights can be so much fun.  They are a great social activity (even when done online), and if you theme yours around the Australian Paralympic Team, the night can teach your members a lot about Paralympic sport.

Play in teams, dress up and pay an entry fee!

We have one round of Paralympic trivia questions ready to go! To download these questions, all you need to do is register your event so you can fundraise online.

Tips for Organising



  • Set a date that suits your group’s calendar.
  • Encourage a theme around the Australian Paralympic Team.
  • Promote the event through your newsletter, website and Facebook network.
  • Register your event with Paralympics Australia.
  •  Share the the invite to your event.

Prior to the event

  • Seek the support of volunteers to assist with funds collection and writing the trivia questions.
  • Source some prizes for the gold, silver and bronze medal (1st, 2nd and 3rd) winning teams (or you could just play for fun!)
  • Download the medals to give your winning teams.
  • Determine how many trivia rounds you will have and prepare your trivia questions.


  • Try to encourage a team of people within your group to help organise the night.
  • Assign small tasks to all volunteers to prevent any one person from becoming overwhelmed. Use the checklist below to ensure all tasks are accounted for.
  • Let everyone know why it is important to help raise funds for Paralympics Australia. Distribute our “Why Fundraise for Paralympics Australia” fact sheet early on and continue to communicate the information within it wherever possible.


  • Register to begin fundraising online
  • Set a date
  • Distribute calendar invites, including the link or venue location.
  • Write your trivia questions (don’t forget we have a round ready to go!)
  • Source prizes.
  • Download and print the medal for the teams that place first, second and third.