Why Fundraise?

Why Support Us?

Your donation is so much more than financial support. It is a way to show your commitment to a more inclusive Australia and an opportunity to show our Para-athletes that you value their contribution in changing attitudes and inspiring the next generation.

With your support, you will do so much more than help send the Australian Team to the Paralympic Games. Your support will give the 20% of Australians with a disability a chance to shine through sports and community programs. It will:

  • Change perception by creating a more inclusive Australia and normalising disability.
  • Educate through our curriculum-based schools program that inspires Australian school children.
  • Innovate and develop better, more accessible equipment so that all participants in Para-sport have every chance to join in and do their best.
  • Identify and develop the next generation of Para-athletes so that they can excel on the world stage.
  • Create and run sports and community programs that enable more people with impairments to discover and affirm their capability.

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